Sky blues

undecided sky

An undecided sky
is beautiful and that cannot be denied
while I casually wait for, the heavy downpour to reside

Traveling by feet and buses across countryside
can get your jimmies ruffled quicker than an average scuffle
rushes of fading colors are like old paint brushes

whole in the sky

eyes in the sky taste a rich texture of robustness
rooted in the ruins of ritualistic habits
blinded by the light, deafened to the static

catch in my neighborhood
Remember when we went to a park through that forest before dark?
this was the first picture I took that gave me a spark
a bigger high than any cigarette or joint, greater depth and still precise as a point leaving a mark

The greater heart of San Marcos
has left a whole in my soul from a cities mold
Hit me up tomorrow by the river banks

We will flow wavelengths from what we drank
the intoxicating summer stank of Fall’s sweaty wet skies
the undecided eventually decide

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