Certain to see


The same Fall Season,
visually leaving changing colors dropping/dripping
loose leaf writing
our memories in the recent year of arriving
Calling in the hallways and alleys that the change is happening
now, that we have been allowed
to be seen in the scenery of the tribal pride
proud enough to just be alive
motion in a vibe, the source
where our force can be maximized
Cataloging by labels may take some time
At stake, is steak & onions with wine
with rhymes the mind can climb plateaus
I’ve seen those that bring applause and toasts
seen those bring tears to a face,
from feeling the same pains and joys
displaced woes of aggression
like blows of hits in economic oppression
not shown by statistics
externalities is their term for heuristics
this is brainstorming mathematics in lyrics
where the underground is found
one can hear the sounds of the previous spirits
the drums and guitar picks stick together in patterns
in a delirious matter to curiously light a lantern
impervious for us to rather not bust but envelope
take some pictures of letters that together make a joke
that much less than certainty is certainly a hope.


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