Writing a book with rhymes

Writing a book with rhymes

Each chapter will pertain to a different time
Characters falling into different lives
Architecture by blueprints & supplies for design
rendering the real to the sublime dream
preparing inventory as the story begins November 2014

NaNo Wri Mo

I am going to give it a try<
maybe try to make you cry
tell something sad  from scratch
to create the happiest apple pie batch
patching the steps of a story is like making a recipe
using the reference of Reality
Experience and critical thinking
the worlds are infinite and unending
pick a time in history
there are catalogs free at the public library

1,666 words a day is about 6 pages
good gracious
Poetry mazes could get lengthy
hunting down the stories once they burst from cages
thirsting for freedom of expression
planned  suspense
the stage is the political demonstration event
at conventions
at Parks, at streets after dark
the mention of a name brought weary hearts

Digitizing the Book of rhymes was the start
we have the statistics, analytics and charts
The Palace of Rhymes has decided it is time
to define an art with parts of pieces as bark and branches
Marks from where it reaches
A new student who is trained to be who teaches
A new prudent view to clue together
the difference between blue skies and bad weather
Black and white as my print type
by the letter it’s only 237<
writing at sixteen hundred words, requires
characters and audiences
audio of  a soundtrack and gps of a map
when it’s technological then everything can expand and collapse
tomorrow after midnight the race to 50k has the first step of the track
Always warming up before and after a lap
running on empty purposely, to gain the intensity

Sincerly John Tabrizi

Also this is 200th post since the beginning of 2013
Glad to be the host of some fun riddling writing

Writing Months

National Novel Writing Month (November)
Second best to International Poetry Month (April)

Writers need the beautiful season
a pen and a pad or computer
a small quiet den is sufficient for this author
Published first by the Texas Wild Rice Festival
year two in two thousand and fifteen
Shout out to Ashley, Tom, Topher, & Sam Beasley

Excuses to write are laid out like
San Marcos river days and nights
Wake the Dead Coffeehouse poetry open mics

At the library found a scanner,
digitized my first book in two hours
Used the University printer for the factory’s flyer
the difference between love and desire
accentuate and articulate lyrics lit like lighting a fire
live from the wire
the rate at which the internal switch adjusts higher
just in the lyre
you must try busting though compromise
and settling on by any means necessary
The months may change the setting
but Ultimately it’s just background to the writing

Tech blues


Walking on air<
Got the job working on a cloud
where, the northern Hemisphere
Central time standard,
answering from Cali to New Hampshire
e-commerce, FI’s need their software
the term was new to me as well
Financial Institutions
large electronic transactions
need guards, developers, and call centers

The story will tell out later like a cash register
better than Internet help like what’s this do hicker?
Do da lee do, press the button until your finger turns blue
just kidding but it’s true, technological illiterate blues

That is my cue, volunteering peace together the clues
this Saturday at the Retirement center, questions and answers
like how do you use a computer?
No question is stupider learning how to learn quicker,
making my homies job much easier<
Answering calls of the ISP’s Netflix fever

Work hard and have discipline enough to never bluff your guard
the tough stuff cuts like scars from hateful veins
building huts and buying real estate on the brain
highly trained to maim and restrain
extra critical and providing some patience
for the growth of the miracle
still seems only in dreams are there lyrical position openings
Cut back on the ganja for stronger dopamine levels
The tech blues played and pedaled in Metal middle C
fiddling the mandolin in when time spares rhymes for riddles
give it a jiggle, maybe a wiggle or a tickle
because if your not crying from laughter clutching your middle
might as well be back there hidden in a lost cubicle.


compared to what?

Traded in cigarettes for short prayers in long breathes
meditative musical layers hold the strong treasure chest
opening the young gun’s lungs
one sung clear as yet, a clarinet blues hum
impressed passed em the rum and told him to run

now the only thing smoking is the smoking gun
for when the marathon begun
he finished completely diminished of adrenaline
my kinfolk become one with the drum
stumbling around getting gum stuck on her gown
better than her hair, she’d still move to the snare
weave and whoop on to a stoop if you give a hoot

where we place our boots traveling streets unaware
I used to drive everyday I was alive, to survive
now I walk at a steady pace to find my path in stride

Trying to make it Real compared to what?

combustible engine fair dust
makes for more War
with staked value in ore
where the bombs are stored
when policy mistakes are unsure
Were the incidents isolated or sincerely by pure surprise?

Plugged in the Axiom 25
to hear measures of cleverly rendered rides
from the cymbal to the more complex principle
thumbs through intervals, strummed up gliding visuals
quick eyes can be critical
to recognize forever in the fleeting temporal
trying to bring some permanence
compared to what level?

Poetry Hide and Seek

When it is written it can be forgotten and found later
We recited from within for hours
like drinking in gin soaking from the sound’s power
a blank paper
Mighty canvas, blank gaps of space
He used a loose leaf early on when bored
eventually graduated to a keyboard
where his journals have memories to record
reminders of her graceful poetry, lord!

One of those days, the maze was a craze
waves of rendition over repetitive repetition
Rays of light through branches of commercialized organizations
blinded half the competition
and philosophy class was taking new admissions
Kierkegaard and Hegelianism
Zizek’s best jokes of the eastern European
The Sirens of Titans
an appetite of exciting proportions
say, a Breakfast for champions
Look at the Birdie and read its tracks
While Mortals Sleep the Gods can relax

We used to put poetry in books for when someone else unexpectedly will look
Back packs stacked with facts and snacks
Comics, Zines, and minds of great kinds catalog syntax
zip, zoom, bap, rat-a-tat. Boom
found em behind the pi9no
those old notes and flows from long ago
can grow like mushrooms to make you take a trip in your own room
mistake a game for the life coming soon tomorrow

Take the name as a fighting struggle to come back full circle
Hide and Seek in a bubble

Sky blues

undecided sky

An undecided sky
is beautiful and that cannot be denied
while I casually wait for, the heavy downpour to reside

Traveling by feet and buses across countryside
can get your jimmies ruffled quicker than an average scuffle
rushes of fading colors are like old paint brushes

whole in the sky

eyes in the sky taste a rich texture of robustness
rooted in the ruins of ritualistic habits
blinded by the light, deafened to the static

catch in my neighborhood
Remember when we went to a park through that forest before dark?
this was the first picture I took that gave me a spark
a bigger high than any cigarette or joint, greater depth and still precise as a point leaving a mark

The greater heart of San Marcos
has left a whole in my soul from a cities mold
Hit me up tomorrow by the river banks

We will flow wavelengths from what we drank
the intoxicating summer stank of Fall’s sweaty wet skies
the undecided eventually decide

Certain to see


The same Fall Season,
visually leaving changing colors dropping/dripping
loose leaf writing
our memories in the recent year of arriving
Calling in the hallways and alleys that the change is happening
now, that we have been allowed
to be seen in the scenery of the tribal pride
proud enough to just be alive
motion in a vibe, the source
where our force can be maximized
Cataloging by labels may take some time
At stake, is steak & onions with wine
with rhymes the mind can climb plateaus
I’ve seen those that bring applause and toasts
seen those bring tears to a face,
from feeling the same pains and joys
displaced woes of aggression
like blows of hits in economic oppression
not shown by statistics
externalities is their term for heuristics
this is brainstorming mathematics in lyrics
where the underground is found
one can hear the sounds of the previous spirits
the drums and guitar picks stick together in patterns
in a delirious matter to curiously light a lantern
impervious for us to rather not bust but envelope
take some pictures of letters that together make a joke
that much less than certainty is certainly a hope.