Labor Day

Sorry to have been gone for so long
Life has changed in setting like a genre to songs playing
My heart is still in San Marcos
but my mind is starting to adjust to Austin

Back home<
Persian food, language, and carpets
using a bike so my car doesn’t need a fix
the trick is to mix the lyrics with drum sticks
the thumping hum loud as a gun ricochet
the way is a place to say grace as a dojo
home has a Hp350 Roland piano

Still working the internet company’s phones
Eager efforts to fall from the summer throne
mentoring new agents remembering my own

September the 1st Labor day I have always said and will say
is my favorite holiday
the celebration of the hardworking
international network of our net worth
the occasion we rose to exert the effort
Close the schools, govt offices, and banks
while the services industry is not in these ranks
Having worked for years with no thanks
yet we remain in gratitude to live another day without being rude
true we strive to improve thanks in due to income we accrue
without a steady stream many cling to hardships of poverty blues
who knew what a few words could do?

Organized labor powerful as organized religion
or just another day that we are working?
…. to be continued
if anything else is certain

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