poetry freestyle 23

Discerning what he learned from what was internalized
written down sounds of codified expression solidified in truth that doesn’t hide

Why try for music without the beat?
the Mystic poet points instead of to the sky, to his feet
galaxies of dirt to mud to concrete
to rhythms to words
to curbs that don’t sleep until everything is heard
the birds recklessly fly hazardously in close public eye
while cool cats casually cry until their day is not denied
ready leap
spaghetti and beef
the dinner of family was more important than what he eats
growth of the enormous growing importance
an ending of bitter hindrances that have been taught to kids
the lid is opened, information has spoken
granting freedom a token for two cents
ever since we saw benevolence in the presence of defeated negligence
whence the sum of inclination took over more spots & locations
the pots stay hot when we are cooking in the kitchen
send the lasting lyrics of light to the sun set in its plight
been missing for a quarter moon’s turn in rotation
tomorrow is fasting in divine revelation.

Writers searched the poets’ handbook for suggestions
brevity ain’t easy
protection isn’t a possibility with intellectual theft, treason and bigotry
who are the Idols and are they worth following?
spectacles aren’t always exciting/frightening/or educating
usually, their mostly advertising for the commodity pushing

The Palace of Rhymes by John Tabrizi
says stop branding 😉
Irony is fitting if you have the lungs to laugh
growing a crony capitalist’s mustache in a flash
the Ode to our times of past
Go Flow and crash like river water to a stone’s splash
rowing a boat with no mast no task or direction
away from home but always in memories of recollection
so though thought was caught on the tongues of voice
we know we might not show our true intentions of choice
the in-betweens from rows and columns can be seen
the hoisted beams of dreams rejoicing

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