Ending points

The last day off  before work
the last cigarette smashed in the dirt
the end of pain and hurt
the finishing line of thresholds staying alert
the end of a meal with dessert
longer goodbyes and more time to flirt

the ending points start new beginnings
clear the grass and weeds so the ground can be breathing
planting love time bombs that will be older than your mom
so her grand children can lay on the lawn
under these plants are relics of civilizations and different organisms
The turmoil of a slick oily situation
Wars fought for erecting a flag on another’s nation
droughts to famine to civil wars to displacement
the poor cannot afford their mass incarceration

When we finished starting our own radio station
The last night of our cyphers appearance
the last emcee to make it the clearest
the mask of efficiency in a Capitalist’s fist
the path to enlightenment has no known conclusion existing
confusion at it’s turns is what makes it interesting

The ending points start new beginnings
Graduating probation, a university’s education, and an indoctrination
into emancipatory thought provoking discussions
the next chapter is writing the reading’s interpretation
Fighting for more articulation of non-freedoms
to question

The Q and A did not stay for very long
as the orator took time giving his points before he was gone

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