the reed flute plays in a key of C

For that girl that loves freedom
Your more powerful with a voice than a gun
rising like a hawk or eagle towards the sun
She’s a combination of faith and reason
with no happy medium when it comes to oppression
her opinions are known without guessing
Ask and you shall receive the harmonic melody
she would bask and then arise to leave beatific stories
more for how she   waited    into the delivery
waded through mud and mortar stone hallways and alleys
Faded to a blue hue on walls like paintings

For that girl that loves freedom
to meet a boy that loves justice
is just this kind of mix for the continuum that exists
spun like a disc,  fun dancing with hips, some whisper with their lips
one could see the the eventually family
birthing a child named Equality

who destroyed the imbalance and brought peace among much violence.
Who deployed the troops and tanks by having bought representatives by the rank?
Organized farmers, factory workers, and food service servers (even big data machine servers)
changed the training of a game not worth playing the same,
letting freedom ring
makes people feel the things of joy, truth and pain
as the chapters of life are written every night
I prefer the mornings with the sun shining it’s light

For that child named Equality
your wildest claim is having a beautiful mane of ideology
Changing the way we view our environment and ecology
the underlying truthful fruits we are picking are to feed our youth
the growing continues in cycles
tree to seed, seed to tree
the reed flute plays  in a key of C

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