Celebration upon death

Maya Angelo has died
lets celebrate her life as proof that truth has survived
“I woke up this morning with my ^ eyes on Maya

I woke up this morning with my < eyes^> on Maya

I woke up this morning with my >eyes^< on Maya

Gonna resist, gonna love,
gonna resisissisisisis like herrrr”.

Dear sister, your roots grow deeper than oil wells
we know well that they play where you dwell
oh child, we wondered if you would stay for a while
listening and reading the stories from books in a pile
serene rivers waters and brooks took us farther, faster
miles in minutes of cooking that homemade recipe
chapters of written masters translated through spoken oratory
the benches and rafters occupied with fixed attention like a jury
One of the most beloved poets of the 21st century

“let’s play one of her songs at the festival when we are camping”
At the celebration upon death we will be dancing

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