cold river water

River water

River waters

آب سرد رودخانه

The cold river water ^^^
the birth yesterday of a daughter
5 pm, 7 pounds, 20 inches long
Alia Nahal will grow strong with her mother & father
fresh birth in the womb of limestone tombs
fresh water travels farther
fresh life
like when this child first learns to write
or first goes swimming in this water at night

The cold river water was given blessings
holding a child as her eyes first start opening
the powerful connection of motherly affection
on a young organism
is the true proof of love’s ability and progression
the hospital reception room’s jubilation
^where I was when hearing the news of celebration^^^
A new child in the family hands of our organization
Her future potential
is guided by our leading
so reading the essential is compulsory education
her planet may not have planned well for her visit
still we tell ourselves and each other
“we shall overcome” muttering another poem
The river water opens
our pores, our bodies and minds
we try to imitate it’s power and like the tall cypress trees that tower

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