timing interpretation

In his raps there is no room for timing interpretation
the words come directly
what’s heard is progressing
with very little breaks
except for, the story rhymed over beat breaks
for breakfast – The Spontaneous is a cypher
freestyle authors congregate together
in the moments of momentous mischievous invention
feather weights still have the skills to climb the high hills and mountains

counting on the hours of powerful sun light to shine on our shrine
biking to the river we call church, writing perched on the porch
bird chirping chimes called the cat to crawl contorting on a branch line
the next evolution is in the mind,
contextually written to find, the sublime,
The best should not be forgotten or left behind
making our own test to better define the answers
questioning every teacher, student and chancellor
Buying beers for cleaners and janitors
I dedicate this sentence for those cleaning our presence
bee keepers, plant growers and eaters, your local farmer

We listened to mother nature’s tremors
———she is in every author when your reading her chapters
miscellaneous thrusts into this poetry batter
whips up a nice spiced lyrical pie priced as free on the ticket stub tree
take one and grow the seed into the many givings of someone
cycles controlled by informed citizens who read what is being done. Vital material for anyone willing to examine the heights & valleys of moral potential
Justice is the scale weighing potentiality
Love of a higher power than salary
Peace in the middle east is literally ‘Salam’
The executed blogger from Iran, imprisoned poets in Yemen,
Mumia’s 60th birthday has Philadelphia arisen… as the words continue to be …_____ timed interpretation

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