San Marcos River

A city’s heart and center
the longest inhabited place in North America
the Beautiful Cypress trees in the Aquarena springs splendor
in spring it feels even better
launch a step into the water
tubing, kayaking, and swimming
It’s 72 degrees and cleaner than anything your drinking

The power of bicycle engines (your feet kicking)
the vital hours of light (when the sun’s shining)
the flow
in your neighborhood in your barrio
goes through the Guadalupe River
A festival with students , plant growers,
educators, performers, and artists of all sorts

Bring your favorite sport,
mine is wrapping up a report
the earth’s axis is flexed in it’s core
so reacting with more of less and less of more
is a chore but one that we say is gladly done better for
like picking up trash off the ground or floor
realizing the richness of our river that continues to pour

a poor man or woman’s paradise
In Persian Paradise is a garden wall
You can see the maiden hair crawl
don’t remember the last time we went to the mall
since arriving here at the park with all yall
rhyming a palace of out thin air
the walls, the roof and chairs
take a seat
and now stand for the San Marcos River
where we go to be free

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