Texas Wild Rice Festival

Solid advice for lovers of Wild Rice
April 11th and 12th Days and Nights
The time is right to sit in the Sun and shade
Spring has begun its blooming ways
washing away winter blues as a phase
the next cycle with be conquered with bicycles
the honor of having a river this remarkable deserves a festival
where we can show you how to grow vegetables
the natural, if it doesn’t have art then it’s not artificial
it might be Artheism in a rhyming parable
timed to designs, the Palace of Rhymes
is building a tribute for a debut at the shrine
Finding the time to define our mindful understandings
climbing in to the stories of this place’s history
the difference between invasive and native species
seed bombs, green thumbs, tree planting and swimming
San Marcos — home to many different types of artists —
with the Guadalupe running through to the Cypress
the water in our bodies, around our bodies
a life giving, surrounding activity

should be blessed accordingly, possibly by a yearly anniversary
see you at the river with the breeze by the trees at the cities best scenery
yours John Tabrizi


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