Texas Wild Rice Festival

Solid advice for lovers of Wild Rice
April 11th and 12th Days and Nights
The time is right to sit in the Sun and shade
Spring has begun its blooming ways
washing away winter blues as a phase
the next cycle with be conquered with bicycles
the honor of having a river this remarkable deserves a festival
where we can show you how to grow vegetables
the natural, if it doesn’t have art then it’s not artificial
it might be Artheism in a rhyming parable
timed to designs, the Palace of Rhymes
is building a tribute for a debut at the shrine
Finding the time to define our mindful understandings
climbing in to the stories of this place’s history
the difference between invasive and native species
seed bombs, green thumbs, tree planting and swimming
San Marcos — home to many different types of artists —
with the Guadalupe running through to the Cypress
the water in our bodies, around our bodies
a life giving, surrounding activity

should be blessed accordingly, possibly by a yearly anniversary
see you at the river with the breeze by the trees at the cities best scenery
yours John Tabrizi

Poetry notes on freestyles

She is a beautiful human who cares about what we are consuming
blooming up in a spring
we talked about war, poverty, and dreams
Actually we talk a lot about war
probably because that is what we can’t see directly
our scores are set to common ancestries
We don’t want more billions for weapons manufacturing

Protests outside/inside prisons and factories
Latino people pressure for deportations to be halting
freedom walkers across borders where reporters are watching

forced feeding and extraordinary rendition
are other ways to say torturing into submission

She is most powerful with a voice and decision

The multitudes of different people collectivized in a vision
we spent much time in libraries to see the workstations occupied

“Real movements never die”
the graffiti scratched into glass that catches the eye
their tribe, the Austin poetry open mic vibe
He learned to rock the stage without talking in to a page by 25.

the memorized allows listening and looking at delivery as it arrives
Lets stretch the bars so far that sometimes the rhymes collide, very hard
while she plays the guitar
they freestyle in the yard
fresh carrots, basil, and chard
They never used or like beings in cars
Poetry notes kept in the mental jar
If you seal it right, air tight
then you can wear it anywhere like hair & body type
25 minutes to write&type
5 days to learn all the ways to say it right

March Friday the 7th How it Was

We used to write a poem everyday, usually in the morning
we used to take cigarette breaks soon as we woke up

Used to smoke cigarettes coughing up black stuff
leaving the past to arrive in a breathable future
pleasurable & suitable for your leisure
stepping up measures
to insure a pure ethical answer is not latent with heretical side standards
the leaders from our ancestors
have important history that reflects in contemporary Reality

used to plan unraveling listening to Ravel Bolero make stereos sing
The blUes
in each of used lives
lives a deeper shade of coloring
that you should not abuse & not hide
the shown is true and tried
a family of words and ties
similar streets, different political elite
different seasonal tides of heated treasonous fleets
The cold war II gets much colder than the common flu

Call it World War III, or www.
Name of the company
is a Goldman’s Sachs of moneys

just another day in the bee hive for the honey
we stopped smoking cigarettes to find more energy
because the common circuit of this circus is not worth running
if the efficiency is self defeating
run the health check on vital signs of trickery
its held together by the hard drive of your memory
corruption from Ukraine to Hungary
hungry for the sugar cane we grow by the barrel
the belly of the beast
in the middle east with journalists in trouble
the meaninglessness in much of our media bubbles
business is a tough gamble
It was in those days in early March
when the sun rays, shines & heat leave their mark
telling the other person on the line, in rhymes
to wait till April to leave the dark

finding wormholes in the information that never stops to part
us from our art
art from our trust
unheard words in true voices of the US before dusk