lucky- where you might find w(m)e

I don’t like to brag but I am lucky to have had my mom and dad
they have taught me right, like, how to add, read and write
Everyday, every night since then
So lets play and pretend we can imagine the world we want
from beginning to end, something worthwhile for children
generations awakened into truthful information

Disasters are always coming faster,
so we quicken our actions on matters
The embarrassment of having every comfort of benevolence
but still not finding the fill of skills to mastering self perseverance
to permanence in preservation
with the temperance to make temporary the only assurance.
Visit vacations regularly at the library, we call them dual facilities
factories and palaces simultaneously match identities
as they can contain certainties of the same degree

Reality in conversations.
The TVs’ watch us, why watch them watch us taking more advertising
Get bored with entertainment as the hard work for liberation is more appetizing
and much more deliciously flavorful and satisfying
the saviors are our neighbors, when you want the cup of sugar sooner than later

7 layer cake makers on delivery so any hungry souls can be set free
Take the two people who made you, and realize how lucky
you are to have come here to this venue

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