Today We Fight Back, again

Today, we fight back
The Palace of Rhymes has something to say
about our internet’s lacking rights
conveyed in little miniature bites like snacks

The rap is getting tapped 
taped as another resource to hack
landscape and deeper outer space 
vacuums of data on a plaque

signed this year to
¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦Aaron Swartz¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦
for his merits and legend 
living and dying in his arts
programming trust in us to solve any grid’s section
come again, to his network of activism
created for a collected bargaining of your connections
Today we fought back for your protection

Called the congressmen and senator
sure the answer is a process of efforts
Pure force is what we support 

to FrEEly express how we feel
know the deal
it gets very real
when the future spinning wheel is seen from the scene of silly _____
fill in the blanks and give thanks to a next meal you will be eating
where is the appeal in ranking Freedom over Happiness
Check the list on heroes who no longer exist
Amiri Baraka, Pete Seeger, and and other activists
The music flows through our words of active images
to instant recognition
like a mothers voice to a child sitting listening
Hoisting up our voice as we still have this choice
I hear the future is demanding
even more telling, if there is wire tapping

“It is already wired in, so why are you complaining? “
Because, these algorithms have been used for assassinations
Because we have no patience
for misinformation
for lack of information
for acts of oppression

Remember our Actual Participation
Occupied to a movement with 99% concentration
In the making for years since conception

Today we fight back<
choose your battles
there is quite the selection

Pulling mental shrapnel out of a friend’s cracked head
by buying real estate on his brain 
Edging bordering frames
that give you the possibility to see the visual testimony
The game we usually play is called reality

War of the classes and now there are even more filtering glasses
watching over our actions 
the access in future crime practice
the hegemonic stories of our planet
the super sonic speed of thought
and it’s power when conscious….

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