style of the wildly free

There are times for reward
and there are times for punishment
learn to enjoy in either case where you are sent

Representing the pinnacle are those friends in your inner circle
like a cypher growing by the hour
purposefully, our power might be
best to manifest from a mic in a tower
Daylight, partly cloudy or rain showers
full loaded seasons can change the taste of any recipe
looking to the skies and seas
for reciprocity is misunderstanding ecology

My philosophy used to be battling emcees badly
now I’ve vowed to allow tranquility
madly in love with the words that are usually battered and fried
Its silly having to constantly re-size and codify an enterprise
the drama is if a story will survive
coming soon tonight after five
the COMMERCIAL and ad rehearsal
organized in an inner secret

Surprise, here is a little piece, a tid bit
of the best pie you have ever tasted
it’s the equation to the life you are living
don’t wait to take a bite
of what you think is your rights
the heights can be expanded into deep space
the lines, the linen pockets, rockets
the human race and linear mathematics
black magic shaman mystics
controlling global politics through economics
cut speak by easing little bo peeps to sleep with chronic
forget about it, memory like an elephant
elegant in delivery
style of the wildly free

I don’t like to brag
but if I do it is about my family

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