lucky- where you might find w(m)e

I don’t like to brag but I am lucky to have had my mom and dad
they have taught me right, like, how to add, read and write
Everyday, every night since then
So lets play and pretend we can imagine the world we want
from beginning to end, something worthwhile for children
generations awakened into truthful information

Disasters are always coming faster,
so we quicken our actions on matters
The embarrassment of having every comfort of benevolence
but still not finding the fill of skills to mastering self perseverance
to permanence in preservation
with the temperance to make temporary the only assurance.
Visit vacations regularly at the library, we call them dual facilities
factories and palaces simultaneously match identities
as they can contain certainties of the same degree

Reality in conversations.
The TVs’ watch us, why watch them watch us taking more advertising
Get bored with entertainment as the hard work for liberation is more appetizing
and much more deliciously flavorful and satisfying
the saviors are our neighbors, when you want the cup of sugar sooner than later

7 layer cake makers on delivery so any hungry souls can be set free
Take the two people who made you, and realize how lucky
you are to have come here to this venue

(w)on(e) in a hurry

Before you know it
the store/venue goes to exhibit

what is forgotten is the product          and it’s critic
only the accumulations of volumes by the digits

a  matrix           in a graph of sticks            ready for the magic match sticks

dip my kicks in it’s central purpose
mixing our social/cultural/economics
to a vocal natural sonnet
son, in the net you might not escape after your inter

the sharp pains like an annoying splinter
joys & laughter
that can make one faint in tremors
Old Uncle Napoleon is making stories again
lets lift the animals back to a farm in a pen

Friends to ends and enemies since the beginnings
the freed men spend their extra time in poetry innings

4th quarter in his last down
won the spring Olympics in his hometown

the Drum ringing it’s epic sound
One never forgets the drowning singing poetics
just hurry up and say “when”
fumblingly musing into powerful trust, ready for us to bust up again
THE GILDED AGE of sheep instead of men or women

It gets deep if landing in the steep changing edges of the world’s gem
Keep planning every awakened seconds of living
Then again nothing will seem surprising
at the habitat where a rap was thought to have started
first in the art creating smarts
of rehearsing for the appreciation to taste sweetly tart

widening the waist of gluttonous hearts
Smut-ten stuff is something tough,
it don’t fall apart like steel shopping carts

(w)on(e) before the wind starts slicing from black beans by the quarts

Nice as butter on the rice and sugar on the dessert
Premonitions of advice summarized like a report

some call it sport,
pervert to perfecting the subvert to a state of art

To Mumia Abu Jamal for his work “Live from Death Row”

Mumia has been in prison since I have been born.

I am 25 and every year is another tally added to the score.
Tens of thousands executed by the State.
2-3 million in the biggest prison population landscape in the world

It began in Philly, I guess that is why Black Thought is so angry
we must look into the roots of proof for the poetry
in expressively illustrating why we are so demanding

To take this and MOVE as if John Africa has just been speaking
attitude teaching to reach, if John Tabrizi’s  landing, on the beach

having only enough time for play, as there are opportunities to find
everyday on the rhyme the mind climbs to weigh in on unity never ever forgotten
Preach the gospel of submission
to an ever increasing action
The corruption will only hold for as long as we have told ourselves this is the best transition
or else the entire system comes into correction

Become stronger than Prison cell blocks
One from the slums had a vision of the clocks,
having a time to stop for reflection
Just another number from the Palace of Rhymes collection

Always remember that we are changing every second

“Live From Death Row”, the bottom of the pitcher, and another day with other answers

The letters are addressed return to sender
wearing a home made sweater from grand mother’s hard working

The best to ever manifest a focus so certain

Why don’t you move the back show curtain
Reading, that, most of what we have been told was a lie
Creating raps to make permanence of the wise
and not fall into trance of industry’s luxury eye
watching over the oceans and lands like the sky

drinking our motions into a dance to defy
since we can think about how we have been denied
about, how we will leave a better place to occupy

“We Want Freedom” were the loud chants’s we heard cried

The Death Penalty is the hallmark of a society/civilization that is uncivilized

Page 3
Part 1- Teetering on the brink between life and death
“For there to be equivalence, the death penalty would have to punish a criminal who had warned his victim of the date at which he would inflict a horrible death on him and who, from that moment onward, had confined him at his mercy for months. Such a monster is not encountered in private life. -Albert Camus

page xvii
“I am some seventy-eight other men spend about twenty-two hours a day in six- by ten-foot cells. The additional two hours may be spent outdoors, in a chain-link-fenced box, ringed by concertina razor wire, under the gaze of gun turrets. Welcome to Pennsylvania’s death row.”

Today We Fight Back, again

Today, we fight back
The Palace of Rhymes has something to say
about our internet’s lacking rights
conveyed in little miniature bites like snacks

The rap is getting tapped 
taped as another resource to hack
landscape and deeper outer space 
vacuums of data on a plaque

signed this year to
¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦Aaron Swartz¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦
for his merits and legend 
living and dying in his arts
programming trust in us to solve any grid’s section
come again, to his network of activism
created for a collected bargaining of your connections
Today we fought back for your protection

Called the congressmen and senator
sure the answer is a process of efforts
Pure force is what we support 

to FrEEly express how we feel
know the deal
it gets very real
when the future spinning wheel is seen from the scene of silly _____
fill in the blanks and give thanks to a next meal you will be eating
where is the appeal in ranking Freedom over Happiness
Check the list on heroes who no longer exist
Amiri Baraka, Pete Seeger, and and other activists
The music flows through our words of active images
to instant recognition
like a mothers voice to a child sitting listening
Hoisting up our voice as we still have this choice
I hear the future is demanding
even more telling, if there is wire tapping

“It is already wired in, so why are you complaining? “
Because, these algorithms have been used for assassinations
Because we have no patience
for misinformation
for lack of information
for acts of oppression

Remember our Actual Participation
Occupied to a movement with 99% concentration
In the making for years since conception

Today we fight back<
choose your battles
there is quite the selection

Pulling mental shrapnel out of a friend’s cracked head
by buying real estate on his brain 
Edging bordering frames
that give you the possibility to see the visual testimony
The game we usually play is called reality

War of the classes and now there are even more filtering glasses
watching over our actions 
the access in future crime practice
the hegemonic stories of our planet
the super sonic speed of thought
and it’s power when conscious….

style of the wildly free

There are times for reward
and there are times for punishment
learn to enjoy in either case where you are sent

Representing the pinnacle are those friends in your inner circle
like a cypher growing by the hour
purposefully, our power might be
best to manifest from a mic in a tower
Daylight, partly cloudy or rain showers
full loaded seasons can change the taste of any recipe
looking to the skies and seas
for reciprocity is misunderstanding ecology

My philosophy used to be battling emcees badly
now I’ve vowed to allow tranquility
madly in love with the words that are usually battered and fried
Its silly having to constantly re-size and codify an enterprise
the drama is if a story will survive
coming soon tonight after five
the COMMERCIAL and ad rehearsal
organized in an inner secret

Surprise, here is a little piece, a tid bit
of the best pie you have ever tasted
it’s the equation to the life you are living
don’t wait to take a bite
of what you think is your rights
the heights can be expanded into deep space
the lines, the linen pockets, rockets
the human race and linear mathematics
black magic shaman mystics
controlling global politics through economics
cut speak by easing little bo peeps to sleep with chronic
forget about it, memory like an elephant
elegant in delivery
style of the wildly free

I don’t like to brag
but if I do it is about my family

Thursday February 6th 2014 rhymes

Thursday February 6th 2014 rhymes
Sometimes, It is very scaring fixing a machine, on time
the blood lines rushes of adrenalin
synced to symptoms of learned techniques in methods of wisdom
change the frames to a pre-scripted vision
range from Ukraine to Port Arthur
An important author lies
among the troops of your groups within your lives
The beginning of time
individualized, connected in an network
determined a net worth
find mine in a Palace of Rhymes
your next birth is in the mind
There are many worlds in this earth that you can find.


-John Tabrizi
performed at
Poetry Open Mic Night
at the Wake the Dead Coffee Shop,
Thursday 9:30 pm, 2014
Coers Street, San Marcos Tx