The little bowl

The little bowl is something for little people with little goals to look at a little ball roll
celebrity sports is too demanding
watching massive advertisement of brainwashing is expensive and time consuming

ecological collapse and financial disaster is looming
in the epitome of little bowl watching is a big bowl of consuming

count me out
and I don’t want to put words in your mouth
but you might be better off out and about

Think of it, everyone is on the couch at their house for a nice sit,
drinking till their doused wet with the little bit of wit that is left
itty bitty brains jostled out of a frame
where fans scream for an advantage
As a name in the game’s blame is -BRAIN DAMAGE

This little event should not be a reason that friends meet together for supper
I can think of a million other possibilities that could be better
It is unfortunate, but my society could be revolutionary, simply by turning off the lit TV
With a little bit of disconnect one can see the frequency
What if the Washington Redskins where the Blackskins or the Whities?

Fans of these teams know every statistic and roster?
But not even one of their own state Senators.

So, next time you are mad at the Congress,
think back to the last time you made them stress.

Lets make a little bowl of watching CSPAN of their mess
Most of the rest of the world would love to posses this democratic process.
This year don’t be like the rest,
forget to watch the little bowl,
and little by little our roles can change to pull other people out of holes of imaginary gains.

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