Cleaning up

In 2014 the Palace of Rhymes comes clean
It has been high on a familiar dream
for far too long

No longer are recreational drugs
used to keep us strong as Persian rugs

No longer smoking cigarettes,
has been the most difficult accomplishment yet.

No longer smoking marijuana
as of now, we have found something with a much more profound stamina

in and out of a higher power
written by a purpose greater than desire
when is it time to light a fire?
when one hungers or is cold from the winter?

Abstaining from alterations
to stay younger with more patience

The trip takes too long to get back
so we slip into book cracks
to better understand how the letters will react
Even without the juice there is use to making pacts
exact as the proof in the pudding tastes when lips smack

Cleaning up gets easier when leisure no longer looks like a trap

“Self control is a master”
perhaps  after a few laps
these Chaps will find authors for more chapters
more listeners
more participators for the here and after

To live longer
was all done
for the joys and pains
of seeing/hearing
more tears and laughter
of our future son’s and daughter’s

this life has begun
and cleaning up is objective number 1.

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