There’s a Jungle out there
There are other worlds, but don’t be scared
There’s a struggle with quiet packed buses and trains of stares
there are cities with no air, and skies you can’t see

There are jungles out there
where, the question is always to be free-
not happy
Where certain foods are a luxury
like fruit, rice, and eating meat daily
look for God in the faces of your family

Tombs for the poets, statues for their poetry
love your enemy as a good friend told me
,but “Mr. John Tabrizi it is not that easy”
The Palace of Rhymes for Palestine
has noted Ariel Sharon’s crimes
and with his death
do we let, truth settle into the depths?

There are jungles treks out there,
proof the hemispheres have not yet been conquered from fear
over here, on the other side
underground or on the top, when the sun shines we stop

Lessons from your pops got a backing story plot
My grandfathers’s fabric shop
in a Bazaar so big it cannot be topped
Some Jungle’s have their own clocks

Whether the year is 1392 or 2014
it looks like a good time
to clean the gears of dreaming machines
To mind,
aiming to sign tears from smiling binds
is an infinitely opening mechanism of method to uncover

The hard work pressed by these maintenance workers
as neurotransmitters, is almost to the level
of troubled children social case earners
The Jungles are getting larger not smaller
Who cares if we all prosper?
Too many pens and not enough authors?
Arriving with answers is to leave with even bigger questions

The unknown Jungle’s will continue to beckon.

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