The Cypher is December 18th

Someone reviewing the factory’s self publication of poetry
criticized that their must be more importance to shape and size

I like writing in the center,
rather than the left hand side
Persian starts at the right and English at the other end

connecting cultures and literary legends
Arash Hejazi
Azar Nafisi
Can you hear the calling?

The Cypher is December 18th
at Wake the Dead Coffee Shop, San Marcos Tx

flyer print outs
word of mouth
words that beautify some clarity of doubt
spontaneous soap box productions

mind opening discussions
philosophical repercussions
in a place to taste creation

lyrical masterpieces
with the recipe and ingredients
as well as the thesis on its origin

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
found its purpose
We all have to travel difficult roads to encounter true bliss

translated by Niloufar Talebi
and the Translation Project

reading can seem more important
than sowing the seams of context
check the library for the text
finding more value than blank checks
in the soul is where we give thanks and injest

It’s worth thinking about the other side of earth
the dirt’s the same or similar
in our global cinema
Check the soundtrack playing back where we are at
Rap is more than theater
Love better than desire
Imagination greater than hope
A pope of social justice captivated
young poets with prose of this very message

The method is sounding louder
the trumpeter of powerful sages
is arriving soon to bloom with showering praises,
while the Cypher is open to all ages.