It was no ordinary night

What if it was the first day of another life
It was no ordinary night
when you discovered that you learned how to write

Sights spent on textual rhythms
multiplied momentum in expressions
in tandem with your ears to hear
the melodies of life’s progression.
The morning you wrote the addendum
chapters after giving in to all-nighters
Tall heights can be reached
language is not always used to teach, but can be
irreversible is your tumbling fall
into ever quickening patterns
discerned to be your calling
as the light in a lantern burning with energy
as to give the right aroma
for your turn in the symphony

The cyphers usually gather in the evening.

It was no ordinary night of poetry
your soul was opened
took flight and caressed heights of expansion
despite looking in the wrong direction
and having a ransom on your entire collection
an opened Pandora’s box
of hip hop hitting the block at full speed
as if in redemption for time’s when we wouldn’t read
Finding rhymes in the blessed minds
of many different countries and communities
culture is still a holder of the wealthy
bringing skills like a king or peasant on the hill
Remedies for the lyrically ill
for the spiritually filled, unfilled
and those in need of constantly refilling

Well, oh well the thirst quenched by
the instrumental movement of water
is an immense story to tell.
Without drinking in,
the body would be under the spell of an evil jinn.
Yet some strike, with values over a life
in an attempt to bring truth to light

like Filipino Climate Chief Yeb Saños’ hunger strike
like nights with midnight lamps burning
like making friends through philosophy writing venues
like daily treks on buses, cars, bikes
like the blues
continue on
to return again at the open mics
value sharing our position on/in life
continue on

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