AS WE ARE(will have to do-

AS WE ARE(will have to do-

Disaster in Philippines to Vietnam
Millions turned to aid workers overnight
stay calm, salam (is peace and hello)
what we need most is fighting against our woes
“we”pods recording our shows exposed in exhibits
paid rewards in freestyles/to make smiling writers fidget
no longer classifying information by digits
or tid bits of data
rather defy all odds, by playing social justice
like a high priest with wisdom from Gods
that watch over us as we sleep
Changing philosophy to concern with calories over salaries
cooking recipes of reciprocity
after respectfully processing in, digestively
the inner running systems colorful as cans of hominy
more energy for the poetry factory
with the motto of
“freedom, justice, and equality”
where these individuals walk
the universe and universities are following
u-n-I verse in many different cities
in different backgrounds
of harmonic and dissonant melodies
despite the malaise of societies abilities to deal with tragedies
Malaysians may have been saved from typhoon Haiyan
but we all feel the pain from San Marcos to Iran


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