a pathway of walking

Meet emcees in your city
and read their poetry
to take a look into a society
testimonies of their philosophy
can be very interesting
and sometimes
(with or without rhymes) surprising
other lives create a social being
vocally speak to each of these unique entities

Listen to the wisdom of someone put in a different position & frequency
frequently they can be found
sounding words at open mics
around curbs at musical sites
at funerals with eulogies of a life
at celebrations of a birth in the night

All of us should enjoy the ability to read and write
The whole world has not yet learned how to type
Regardless, send messages forth and back
despite being tapped
bend and contort perception
as the world changes your reactions
the habitat needs your adaptation

A wise owl standing on a post
waited on us, with a trust so very close
that we eventually had to make the most
Toasting to times we see such a kind host of integrity
climb carrying an entire family
like a bright moon casting
light for a pathway of walking

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