No one, knows about Persian Cats

I keep my style changing like immigrant refugees assimilating
the war on Islam has been increasing
the 1st lesson is always audience but their sleeping
so throw out the sink of what you think is doubt
drinking the world’s oil by the mouth of us
trust in giving friends some books
the world is run by crooks
and we cannot read the fine print of what they took
inequality takes food from what we would cook

looking into the language of poetry

selfishness is a dish best served to oneself
which is bad for your health
be giving about all else
living to achieve loving all cells
like a book off the shelf
it’s been years since passages of time made our rhymes fearless
again back to selfishness
it is the motto of the ages
get yours, I got mine Jack
while his are the poor stacked in cages
for sale at the front door
literally breaking chains
with literacy stimulating inner city & country plains
the brain is the terrain most unexplained
currency couldn’t hold a flame
to the highly specialized
desire for better not more

I am from where American embassies
have been under siege since the 70’s
Gangster rap was before ww3
more hardcore than any acting mc
it stands for manufactured consent
repenting to the God of currency was unworthy

While our freestyles empower residences in communities
others have broken down, suicide bombers drowned in a decade of sounds
democratic experiments consumed by large crowns
to whom it concerns
The Persian underground professor
is Hickhas
No one
Knows about Persian Cats

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