The Farmers Market

Lets meet on San Antonio Street
purchasing groceries from what the Farmers Market brings

This local nexus of a network of residences
sings tremendously the individuality of Texas

Take a look at the soaps, kombucha, and necklaces
Walking sticks, tamales, and a breakfast of champions

Red Bud Roaster coffee is ready as poetry
Peach preserves courtesy of Mr Caskey
Plants from C & J Martindale nursery,

Walking, talking, and browsing
a perfect venue to observe our curbs surroundings
a bake sale for the school of Montessori
Katy’s vintage clothing shines extraordinarily
like  a jewel sequin in her sowing

The real small businesses that are growing
takes hard work from the self
as well as help from a community
connecting our wealth routinely

Old stories start fresh beginnings
Saturday morning tabling
generational, Multicultural
Actual people to engage conversations
relatable lives of trials and tribulations
paying tribute to a vendors original presentation
its a present gift of splendorous vocation
in the center of town
he found the members of participation
money amongst neighbors
instead of the usual concentration of larger corporations

The little guy’s fight is right around the corner
A poem for the San Marcos Farmers Market owners

Thanks and congratulations
on what you have made
and what your are making

It is something worth celebrating

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