You are beauty

Ok, so you know your beautiful
but it’s because of something unusual
It’s the casual, sly, coy
way you move the waves of your own musical
Mixed with a stiff, fixed poise
if concerning every variable
making it unbearable

a parable of a song sung
one could wish you were wearable
where, when you walk in the room
the occupancy of vacant stares
declares a booming ring

your are beautiful
as the first flower of spring
but beyond the appearances of anything
due to your curiosity and thirst
for that which brings joy
also brought pain and hurt

Stay intrinsic to the worth
given at birth
it grows to be what you know
activities go flowing like ripples over a river
Working for something other than nickels and rhymes
finding generosity a giver of blessings

Time is measureless
and another dimension of understanding
Ever since,
the letters of a most benevolent spirit
friended our planet for a landing visit

Testimonies through oratory has been our story
handed down through generations
of our bigger family
Your beauty is the reason for the season of poetry

Eventually, We would even out the routes of a destiny
sand the edges
plan messages and pledges
communities are made of communication unity
writers, listeners, reciters, readers of many different cities
connect thought in energy
like electricity we got to tell you at this spot
your free
you are beauty

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