What I have just written- by Bahauddin (father of Rumi)

It is because human beings have it in them to receive grace and taste the wine of eternity, because they can recognize hypocrisy and cleanse themselves of that and the other impulses that are destructive to love, that eventually they weary of form, these created appearances, and long for the source itself.

Such a person sees nothing to fear in the world, nor is he concerned with receiving rewards or avoiding any punishment in the here or the hereafter. He has no judgment either way on anything. His only nourishment is the presence of the Friend, feeling and remembering that closeness. When he or she dies, the organs quit their natural functions, and the real self fills with love and dies out of humanness to live in God.

My prayer is that what I have just written become true for me. Let Lover and beloved live here in the same place, in my heart. As I write these sentences, I feel like I am seeing the Friend. This writing enters me like a bride wearing jewels filled with the light of passion and kindness.

-Bahauddin – The father of Rumi
The Drowned Book– by Coleman Barks and John Moyne

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