In Iran,
there is over 50% inflation on currency
because of the country I live in currently

Sanctions like they used against Saddam
killed millions,
more than guns and bombs
If you think I am wrong
look at the history of Vietnam

I worship the Torah, Bible, and Koran
but more of the older poets that are gone
before the British drew lines for Iraq and Iran
They are still pronouncing the names of country’s they invade wrong

I am an old blues song
written by Ferdowsi, Hafez, and Rumi
Omar Kayyan and the Sufis
written by anonymous bloggers of poetry
to find my rhymes look towards infinity
in the Divine
a sword shines as were cooking in the kitchen of a mind
listening to the bind holding you to your shrine

No stranger to holy wars
The Islamic Revolution originally was about the poor
Now he see’s religion sold at the store
I am hardcore like 10 years of war

My occupation is for
99 percent
to get my freestyles demonstration

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