Write new passages of life whenever there is a void
teach children to make their own toys
make noise

let me see you dance
He romanced her by being a listener
She made flower patterns
and paintings of alien landings over the Grand Canyon

Madame, Monsieur
the cure to your ills is simple and pure
Smile and enjoy this moment right here

Now as it has passed, we can grasp another
rhyme lovers of time discovered a gap

to walk hovering above lines on rugs and mats

talking to the birds, bees, and bats
most don’t like the roaches, bugs and gnats
but we know they are part of a bigger pact

to be exact, the habitat is where it’s at
Life in many forms and formats
before institutions and bureaucrats had hats
perhaps before language was used to adapt
gestures are sure signs of our leading tracks

The pleasure of measuring the last time we wrapped together
acts of chapters
the plaques have been taken back down for dinner

I hope your hungry, Suppers ready

mental epiphanies that wake up the body
can be injected directly through poetry
The factory is increasing production and productivity

-made a machine to turn your dreams into energy
cleaned the dojo with a flow of spontaneity
chalk graffiti
friends and family’s
different cities and societies
farmedee Farsi
barâbari /equality


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