There is much cooking to do

Come on in
we were just beginning
to turn off the lights and light the incense
burning with a fiery grin

Long days and longs nights
little sleep
when life is thinking of a flight

strong wings
even when wrong he learns things
She’s a duchess from the Philippines

Mad money making factory machines
haven’t been cleaned
and left a mess
Riots from India to Bangladesh

Iraq smells and tastes fresh death of flesh
ethnically targeted killings
would leave any pro military interventionist
to Question our occupation of 10 years
now mercenaries are their biggest fear

How can we stop extreme violence here and over there?
John’s first rhyme that is not rhetorical

The word for hello means peace in the middle east
Shalom, Salam سلام
Studying Farsi from Iran like Muslims reading the Koran

There is much cooking to do
and it is past the break of dawn
Still the kitchen calls and sings its song
chop, chop, chop
slicing skills have diced a meal of our crops

Before work, making pecan cookies
because even cooks get hungry

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