not just a hobby

Rhyming is not just a hobby
We at the poetry factory take it very seriously

He emceed one time
at a shrine that altered many minds
Redefining the state of what’s great
signed, fill in your hero ___________
fate says you already have their characteristics within you

Different venues
but always the same character and values
Wait till she makes the news
Only make steak when you
can hear the grass feed cows Moo

Baking an upside down cake
so his attitude would not frown but smile
the smell awakened this child

Who asked for a story from some books in a pile
looking on from the kitchen tiles
They sat together,
taking turns telling parts to each other

The child learned the word love, and lover
outside the home
are shotgun shells and explosions next to stones
Mines and barbwire also have names that the child has known

Upon discovering the word love, and lover
there together in the kitchen after supper
The boy cried tears of joy and laughter
thinking of story’s roaming chapters

His mother muttered a few words to his father
about acquiring a pen and some paper
by next weekend
he found his best friend
in sounding his own stories
beginning to end

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