What would you do if the world was yours?

I’d end the CIA’s reign
healing those in pain
from Argentina to Spain
Spending time on making truthful rhymes
for youthful minds
Find my aim
at unlocking prison stocks
breaking the chains
like addiction in a Junkie’s vein
Stopping weapon manufacturing
with frozen business stocks
Retraining humans to grow their own crops, again
Restraining useless consuming
so pollution decrescendos like my flow’s progression
The world is yours
ending WW3
before WW4
Hardcore has not seen
Hard work for a loving means
live out spoken
as the dream Martin Luther King had envisioned
legalize drugs that cause criminalization
reverse deportation
and bring em back to their families waiting

Cap the salaries of the largest Multinational Corporations
Maximum wage
as a way to restrict the predictable situation
of multinational conglomerate consolidation

I’d put Mumia back on the radio station
restoring Iranian American relations
ending the funding of Israeli occupation
Opening Palestine to the shores
and of course
if the world was mine
I would give you yours
We grow like spores given time
after hours
the force of our power
is in the mind

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