Perfect an instant’s happening

practical habits
Captain your actions
as it happens
have challenged the common knowledge
like Nikolas Tesla playing with static

A hobby in the lobby of an attic
captions of a poet who never forgot it
Manically mused mechanical sonnets

The plug became a drug
looking for an outlet
charged for disturbing the peace
In public,
Cyphers gathers around drum pits
spitting hyper multisyllabic thumb prints
cats that can’t freestyle try others ways of swimming
Stretching raps like lapse of recognition in the synapse

submission acts as a necessary condition
For certified live tasting, seeing, hearing
In the Dojo working on flows
growing is more than appearances
of a glowing deliverance displayed at a show
a clearance sale daily of info
if you would like to know
don’t take the red or blue pill

The thrill is never gone
as long as we have letters
as instrumentals blows the eager effort
A brother that could heat up the tempo like Chili Pepper picking labor

from an amateur to an expert
Music history from NY to Philly
Networks of Artistic festivals in many cities
Down south, Rick Perry is executing many
Obama is dropping bombs on African and Middle eastern countries
lands controlled by 6 figure salary mercenaries
Big name brands and companies
destroying to rebuild is their game
in framing the structure’s foundation
of the powerful construction

We suffer as they usher in a culture of consumption
like performance
is a method of evolution
a state of constant motion
to perfect a instant’s happening
don’t worry they happen again

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