verse on a worthy practice

She buys him a shot and says i can hear you recite poetry
next door
Hip Hop
Outside calls to him for exploration
Today and tomorrow

The wind bellowing a breeze between trees is a radio station
Watching plants grow instead of TV Shows
Clock him on a watch for a timely flow

Sometimes to disrupt
Some rhymes stuck
to something seen as lucky enough
to chance dancing a shuffle
sweet as honey suckles or milk chocolate truffles

It’s bitter business
Like slave labor
where hard work is
a trouble to favor sharing digits

send flowers to the Queen in her tower
cooking later for 8 or 9 hours
sleep 4
wake up before the powerful sun rises
Back in the kitchen w/ perfect cut sizes

Mental food can improve a physical crisis
Walked into a class on John Milton
and left after rhymes were seen as barbaric
Find the paradise we lost to the cost of high prices

A Government Shutdown after sequestration adds to the vices
Still making art with skills that are priceless

Taxes over war crimes can start riots
Influence shifts like the earth’s axis
birthing the rhetoric of a worthy practice

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