midnight munching snacks of stars

Finish a masterpiece before breakfast
left over from the previous night
of recklessness typing is the joy and delight
A height that has felt many lows
Most likely many more of those
When writer’s block would not compose
Time and patience can make a rhyme complacent
or dynamic as a frequency
broadcast through the factory’s attic
Addicts don’t feel this rush
Runners physically couldn’t touch
the mental learner who clutched

Before the lunch line
recording punch lines
Former foreigners assimilated accents
bent to be sent as genuine,
mathematically structured by design

The Palace of Rhymes
prepares dinner for many of the young minds
hungering nearby
In the school grounds
tools of musical sounds have been bound
to the ears, you can see many hear
but do they listen?
Break institutions into instant tuition
neurotransmitter splitting

and for desert
The rapport of a repertoire’
like war from a coup de ta
work is meant to be hard

midnight munching snacks of stars

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