What is left

Write like it’s your last night of life
Read as needed to perceive the past
the fool sites the source of a future course not yet cast
Ask questions, task oriented lessons
Of course force is a weapon
but fighting for more or your molecular hair follicles’ reception

War is the state of nature, currently, not peace
at least if looking to the middle east
Take off the blinders and see the US Empire,
companies with supreme Hegemony

Reading names of the deceased in daily eulogies
sparked a change of heart and identity
at the park marking
after dark street preforming
pamphlet printing propaganda to hand ya
a taste, of what we waste
Looking at humanity as a body instead of a race
bending bars that take up too much space
Forget 1st place
We bet in this case,
The game is framed for us to be erased

Copy and paste cats were too sloppy with their waist fat
Hunger, drives our desire
igniting fire to burn that,
excessive strap of flesh
unflexed like ear drums to the deaf
the fearsome one writes what is left
rumbles from the treble to the bass clef
Bubble popping paradymes before the rubble of exploded min(d)[e]s

We are living in a troubled war time
Apparently its through proxies,
probably not much different than before,
but still we cannot afford this crime
No longer does the news show the front battle line
the First world’s arms treaty is signed
only after Drone warfare that redefined terror
Picking flowers has changed
since using sugar water in a vase frame
membranes have sustained and last longer
techniques for guerrilla garden growers

The end of times is a common theme
also the title of a Slavac Zizek book by the same name
Since prehistoric apocalyptic scripture
The game’s claim is a throne for power

Inventing rhymes like Nikola Tesla
That the world won’t find until later
Listen to lectures by Noam Chomsky
Professor, the oppressor spread from east to west
The struggle expressed best by Cornell West
While Chris Hedges left an empire
witness to it’s own illusions
The Palace of Rhymes would like to reinforce resources
of media evolution
to include your contribution
social democratic revolution
to sweep the deep collusion of capitalism
in it’s grave, since we gave into participation

Sleep is necessary for one to awaken
Reap the suspense of hearing current events
by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez
John Perkins as an economic hitman
revealing exposes on corrupt business
military contraband and drug trafficking
Jackals of conquerors as mercenaries or leaders
sometimes both,
sometimes dressed in suit and ties with coats

Hope and change rang like a nice jingle
but actions and words must be equal
otherwise the occupation is dubbed in a sequel
World war 3 waits for world war 4 to take its title
The world cannot afford war
on this terrible level
so put your fist in the air like a rebel

With this moment we declare
mental freedom from fear
where truth by self-evident proof
would settle our discussions
instead of weapons, instead of threatening suggestions
mobilizing movements of masses
in moments of memories
transmitted to recorded history
that asked us to write a concluding story
to the one going on currently
making it brief
The high chief read from his leaf
“Value the company you keep
as the money is worth very cheap” – John Tabrizi

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