Every day at one point

Every day at one point
a poem must be written
the way we stay playfully conditioned
with words for poets
and notes for musicians
Is an omen waiting for an exorcism

couldn’t find hip hop at the club or the bus stop
so the flow picked up a pen that was dropped
When the blocks stocked with high priced talk
bring in the cheap speak like sheep to a heaping mound
Kings from shepherds that went back to nature
around the time the rhyme needed to concur
read a passage as you would conjure

lead the masses from being conquered
Revolutionaries can be mothers and fathers

Some say,
why bother, when art doesn’t bring in dollars
the display of thought brought by authors
illustriously smashed any more questions
squandering ambitions is the youth anthem

so inspiration is a key ingredient
throwing monkey wrenches into equipment
to stop war machines with ointment
got appointments with deployment of circumstance
the beat is like an injection of a rhythmic trance
side effects of this dance
may include, but are not limited to:
enjoyment of the present
coy amusement

A high

pitched by an instrument
stitch memories into intuition
Which submission?
There are many editions
Writing at the Hitch mobile food eatery kitchen
praying blessings
for the hundreds of chickens we cook regularly
Everyday, people are not getting less hungry
one point for making delicious poetry

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