handling scriptures

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
and it feels better than driving a car
working hard, then putting time in a yard
rhyming in some bars
One might find
A man from the slums strumming the guitar

Southern poetry cooking
with styles from NY Brooklyn to Tehran Iran
the poems written become songs
before were gone
building a Palace of Rhymes
to better explain and define
the crimes that have wronged our time

With the sunshine is when we awaken
We didn’t used to record preparations
Now it seems, a ton of this mess
suggests an address to the situation

You can’t teach a man to fish in pollution
to eat a dish of poison
the defeat of self is a powerful weapon
Step in,
greeting your fears with humor
like a surgeon removing malignant tumors

String instruments
shakers and movers
still sing in strung moments
plucked rhythmic maneuvers
The future

Some can’t understand
that you can’t always plan
like a tyrannical ruler’s tenure
my band goal is tenable & without error

We all came from a fam
look there for answers
Slam Poetry in books with chapters?
Looks can be deceiving as a crook
con artist trickster
Politician drug lord bankers
took our ships anchor

Grab the wheel
spinning in circles
Ever since we were sure
the shores of nature
could not be conquered

A handle in the eyes of some
would be a heavy drink of consumption
Grip a trip taken to arise
like opening a book
that for the first time
told the truth win no lies

-John Tabrizi

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