love of a higher power

Writing is a necessary formality
but much more inspiring is our dialogue blossoming

The fall has leaves that are dropping
it seems like every other night
rain storms are thundering

The college campus is busy and buzzing
the plants laugh at our worries
the sky cries in ecstasy
Whose in a hurry?
Unless its to the springs
Rings around the phony kings
Sting the fake industry seen on screens
with hand-printed, one of a kind
by the man and woman neighbors of mine

The Palace of Rhymes
almost has 100 followers online
since 2013’s beginning
the written poetry has plans for music
for the best condition
for voice to hoist delivery
to choice like cognition
in the inner hidden systems of intuition
sublime in the oblivion
arriving in the consciously living
reality given
small salary token
battling champion of self soul

Please after you,
if you didn’t know
Jesus was not the only “King of the Jews”
Take a look at Reza Aslan’s book
to learn of the historical Jesus of Nazareth

After cooking in the kitchen
the factory calls our name
back making raps
after baking blueberry souffle
Schnapps and her favorite fillet
everyday praying by saying
thank you
repairing breaks that take up too much space
whose in a race?
let me hear the snare and bass
spending years not looking in mirrors
but bending bars for frames to see clearer
when the end is closer
tend to the rhythm of a closure
of a high power

-John Tabrizi

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