Street corner raps

I appear right here
for you to hear
An emcee with courage and no fear
my dear… sincerely
wrote a lengthy note
to promote
our strength

Thanks to the ranks
of anonymous donors
the crease of these papers
stapled for my listeners

like butter
like maple syrup in the winter

Throw out the rice cookers
and lets make some dinner
blowing a saxophone like Charlie Parker
we meet at the park before it gets darker

Mixing and mastering chapters
borrowed books
and inside jokes of laughter
took our sorrows and tears
after appearing here
steer the poetry vessels into piers
into gears
faster at changing gloom into cheer
than a cold beer in a new year

who knew entertainers could be educators?

Here appears
the Ahura Mazda
Truth bringer
God father
youth trainer of many authors
to bother an explanation
on our trails and tribulations
paying tribute to founders of civilization

The historical process that led to this pavement
the oratory is versatile and uses improvisation

The best to test manifested pollution
clean up crews
with the blues use intuition
as well as finger picking
breaking institutional pressure
making clever measures to sell like vendors
telling splendorous stories as a public offer

the elemental worshiped like fire
rhythmic instrumentals can inspire
street corner raps next to tires
after work taking apart tracks with pliers
the hearts desire is never filled
not like pockets or stomachs
but more like fields tilled

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