Planning results of conviction

Breaking stereotypes
like TVs and Radios with bad hype
expose woes kept hidden out of sight

A few MNC’s dictate and control
so my teams goals
is to give back souls
and rights to hold

The future told will not be sold!

So boldly fold in a hand at the end of the river
playing games with no concern for a winner

When its time to work
it feels even better
English has 26 letters
Persian has 30

Hoping to be much more wordy
before turning 30
Forever feels like an impossibility

Be Infinitely Just and Natural
the residence of your senses
in the chapel
is a holy temple
to where one resides
take the mind beyond the sky

Eventually this ride of life
takes us to some scary heights
even scarier lows
still breathing?

oh child, go and grow
like wild flowers after rainy evenings

Jam instruments
making delicious wishes
dance style: spontaneous

enhancing trust
a fan of the drums hit and bust
demanding one poem before dusk
looking into your eyes
brushing off the crust
rushing to cook a pie
a shared slice would suffice
lets die
wake up and try harder
with the advice of our mothers and fathers

The moments of time we barter
hoping these rhymes are remembered
the author would rather write a new one
then searching for crumbs in big stacks like albums
waiting to relax and kick back
but outcomes become predictions
when planning results of conviction

-John Tabrizi

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