Garden Wall

(Here, at this table
on the porch overlooking a garden) x2

Paradise is a garden wall
She looked most beautiful standing tall
Watching rain fall
Pains only when life is treated
like a game with a ball

Joy exclaims your name
when we call

A workshop in hallways and alleys
Dojo dj’s turn tabling
the flow of information to central circuiting

Calligraphy writing
destiny of fantasies into non fiction
Check your library
love your enemies
look, listen, observe
bring the best to the curb
living leisure in words
whenever silence needs disruption

operating mics in residences
conducting due diligence
in building
a palace of rhyming assistance

To true poets, it’s not always written
To poets who showed truth, unforgotten
missed like wasted youth
please take our harvest of fruit
Washed groovy smoothies of past memories
to soothe as an oozing remedy
of our life’s changing reality
tones of harmony and dissonance

A slave to nothing
except living to be a better human

Here, at this table
on the porch overlooking a garden

oregano, basil, and cumin are growing
Dream big
Fig orchard picking
dead tired wrote inspiring
passages of the beginning

Ancient history digging
Origins of lyrical spins
written, unwritten
spoken, unheard
motion to the movements of words

Go to church everyday
at the river where children play
Dip in, swimming, floating
praying, hoping, appreciating
all the rivers flow to the ocean
larger pools in connection
The sermon begun with a waterfall
thundering like a drum

Ending Here, at this table
on the porch overlooking a garden

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