Another Day, where have you been all of my life?

Where have you been all of my life?

She held the answers in her strength of might

long days, even longer nights

Waiting till your next meeting
the sun shines in your eye, the meaning
one spark
in the dark
ignited the fun we have when it’s raining

Early morning training
the birds can’t catch
our worms cooking
coffee ready, words for reading
water for the body
and probably the soul’s thirsty

Got gloves for the garden
Basil and Jalapeno picking
later the grill will be roasting

Sowing seeds into the earth
the price of what’s worth listening to
is measureless
staying charged on the carpet
with targets on focusing the true beauty
to beautifying truth’s ability

words live from the factory
practice is daily routine
like cooking and cleaning
waiting with friends for the evenings
survival concerns are at low levels
since adjusting mental gears

fuel in energy
focuses our paths to manifest an opus
in due diligence of openness

You have always been here
and I only just noticed this

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