Be Happy

It feels good to be alive
ever better because you give me pride
never hiding from hardworking till you die

Try to test the most high
God Allah will barely bat an eye
to all the people under the sky
true good cannot be commodified
blues in your neighborhood
on the curbside
Ride Bikes
live mics
studious types soothed the trust
of mustering the fight
to type our rights
line by line in the candle light
winning on the small scale
never fails in the larger sight

The best medicine can be written
while the best procedures
can be freestyled in leisure
Pulling levers of clever measures
for an audience through receivers
audio trained visitors
checking the flow like traffic passengers
passages that preferred to be heard
w/ collaborators
as Narrators shift point of view
still waiting for delivery
on shoes
to pay dues, running tracks
attack a plan like a travelers map
the history of survival is to adapt

listen to the memorable
look for the immeasurable
touching the taste of your smelly soul

Well, this place has ceilings of gold
when you come and go
stop by for a rhyme full of the pull
i found in your town
a Time of sound
-Palace of Rhymes
John Tabrizi

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