open your eyes my child

“Open your eyes my child”, he said
“You always look best because you smile”

ahead of his time
by presetting the watch
find him with his head down
freestyling to open locks
energy in waves he gave, compressed
shocked through messages in mediums
he suggested giving premiums of freedom
to every one willing to listen

When testing the wind bring rhythm
behest your next meeting
the text will include your views too
sleeping is overdue

Depressive blues float away
like a balloon lost on a birthday
who knew it would return
for us to learn it’s mysterious ways

is an emphasis
the tremendous seems measureless

There, in his head
studying the brain and how it is trained to explain
led the kitchen to constantly change ingredients
tweaking speech that begun with listening

some come from different currriculum
Um, maybe poetry over beets
Yum, sounds like a delicacy
continuum’s unending
continuously concerned with continuity
Ancient lies of antiquity
to Mass propaganda in the contemporary
Pro ganga legalizing testimony

one homie told me
some things in moderation
except all things of equality and liberation
instilling the ability to solve equations
is better than being given the letters
the numbers in the physical/material
slumber to the lullabies of high priced lingo
Open your eyes my child
see the wild wind blow

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