Every day at one point

Every day at one point
a poem must be written
the way we stay playfully conditioned
with words for poets
and notes for musicians
Is an omen waiting for an exorcism

couldn’t find hip hop at the club or the bus stop
so the flow picked up a pen that was dropped
When the blocks stocked with high priced talk
bring in the cheap speak like sheep to a heaping mound
Kings from shepherds that went back to nature
around the time the rhyme needed to concur
read a passage as you would conjure

lead the masses from being conquered
Revolutionaries can be mothers and fathers

Some say,
why bother, when art doesn’t bring in dollars
the display of thought brought by authors
illustriously smashed any more questions
squandering ambitions is the youth anthem

so inspiration is a key ingredient
throwing monkey wrenches into equipment
to stop war machines with ointment
got appointments with deployment of circumstance
the beat is like an injection of a rhythmic trance
side effects of this dance
may include, but are not limited to:
enjoyment of the present
coy amusement

A high

pitched by an instrument
stitch memories into intuition
Which submission?
There are many editions
Writing at the Hitch mobile food eatery kitchen
praying blessings
for the hundreds of chickens we cook regularly
Everyday, people are not getting less hungry
one point for making delicious poetry

handling scriptures

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
and it feels better than driving a car
working hard, then putting time in a yard
rhyming in some bars
One might find
A man from the slums strumming the guitar

Southern poetry cooking
with styles from NY Brooklyn to Tehran Iran
the poems written become songs
before were gone
building a Palace of Rhymes
to better explain and define
the crimes that have wronged our time

With the sunshine is when we awaken
We didn’t used to record preparations
Now it seems, a ton of this mess
suggests an address to the situation

You can’t teach a man to fish in pollution
to eat a dish of poison
the defeat of self is a powerful weapon
Step in,
greeting your fears with humor
like a surgeon removing malignant tumors

String instruments
shakers and movers
still sing in strung moments
plucked rhythmic maneuvers
The future

Some can’t understand
that you can’t always plan
like a tyrannical ruler’s tenure
my band goal is tenable & without error

We all came from a fam
look there for answers
Slam Poetry in books with chapters?
Looks can be deceiving as a crook
con artist trickster
Politician drug lord bankers
took our ships anchor

Grab the wheel
spinning in circles
Ever since we were sure
the shores of nature
could not be conquered

A handle in the eyes of some
would be a heavy drink of consumption
Grip a trip taken to arise
like opening a book
that for the first time
told the truth win no lies

-John Tabrizi

love of a higher power

Writing is a necessary formality
but much more inspiring is our dialogue blossoming

The fall has leaves that are dropping
it seems like every other night
rain storms are thundering

The college campus is busy and buzzing
the plants laugh at our worries
the sky cries in ecstasy
Whose in a hurry?
Unless its to the springs
Rings around the phony kings
Sting the fake industry seen on screens
with hand-printed, one of a kind
by the man and woman neighbors of mine

The Palace of Rhymes
almost has 100 followers online
since 2013’s beginning
the written poetry has plans for music
for the best condition
for voice to hoist delivery
to choice like cognition
in the inner hidden systems of intuition
sublime in the oblivion
arriving in the consciously living
reality given
small salary token
battling champion of self soul

Please after you,
if you didn’t know
Jesus was not the only “King of the Jews”
Take a look at Reza Aslan’s book
to learn of the historical Jesus of Nazareth

After cooking in the kitchen
the factory calls our name
back making raps
after baking blueberry souffle
Schnapps and her favorite fillet
everyday praying by saying
thank you
repairing breaks that take up too much space
whose in a race?
let me hear the snare and bass
spending years not looking in mirrors
but bending bars for frames to see clearer
when the end is closer
tend to the rhythm of a closure
of a high power

-John Tabrizi

Planning results of conviction

Breaking stereotypes
like TVs and Radios with bad hype
expose woes kept hidden out of sight

A few MNC’s dictate and control
so my teams goals
is to give back souls
and rights to hold

The future told will not be sold!

So boldly fold in a hand at the end of the river
playing games with no concern for a winner

When its time to work
it feels even better
English has 26 letters
Persian has 30

Hoping to be much more wordy
before turning 30
Forever feels like an impossibility

Be Infinitely Just and Natural
the residence of your senses
in the chapel
is a holy temple
to where one resides
take the mind beyond the sky

Eventually this ride of life
takes us to some scary heights
even scarier lows
still breathing?

oh child, go and grow
like wild flowers after rainy evenings

Jam instruments
making delicious wishes
dance style: spontaneous

enhancing trust
a fan of the drums hit and bust
demanding one poem before dusk
looking into your eyes
brushing off the crust
rushing to cook a pie
a shared slice would suffice
lets die
wake up and try harder
with the advice of our mothers and fathers

The moments of time we barter
hoping these rhymes are remembered
the author would rather write a new one
then searching for crumbs in big stacks like albums
waiting to relax and kick back
but outcomes become predictions
when planning results of conviction

-John Tabrizi

Street corner raps

I appear right here
for you to hear
An emcee with courage and no fear
my dear… sincerely
wrote a lengthy note
to promote
our strength

Thanks to the ranks
of anonymous donors
the crease of these papers
stapled for my listeners

like butter
like maple syrup in the winter

Throw out the rice cookers
and lets make some dinner
blowing a saxophone like Charlie Parker
we meet at the park before it gets darker

Mixing and mastering chapters
borrowed books
and inside jokes of laughter
took our sorrows and tears
after appearing here
steer the poetry vessels into piers
into gears
faster at changing gloom into cheer
than a cold beer in a new year

who knew entertainers could be educators?

Here appears
the Ahura Mazda
Truth bringer
God father
youth trainer of many authors
to bother an explanation
on our trails and tribulations
paying tribute to founders of civilization

The historical process that led to this pavement
the oratory is versatile and uses improvisation

The best to test manifested pollution
clean up crews
with the blues use intuition
as well as finger picking
breaking institutional pressure
making clever measures to sell like vendors
telling splendorous stories as a public offer

the elemental worshiped like fire
rhythmic instrumentals can inspire
street corner raps next to tires
after work taking apart tracks with pliers
the hearts desire is never filled
not like pockets or stomachs
but more like fields tilled

Garden Wall

(Here, at this table
on the porch overlooking a garden) x2

Paradise is a garden wall
She looked most beautiful standing tall
Watching rain fall
Pains only when life is treated
like a game with a ball

Joy exclaims your name
when we call

A workshop in hallways and alleys
Dojo dj’s turn tabling
the flow of information to central circuiting

Calligraphy writing
destiny of fantasies into non fiction
Check your library
love your enemies
look, listen, observe
bring the best to the curb
living leisure in words
whenever silence needs disruption

operating mics in residences
conducting due diligence
in building
a palace of rhyming assistance

To true poets, it’s not always written
To poets who showed truth, unforgotten
missed like wasted youth
please take our harvest of fruit
Washed groovy smoothies of past memories
to soothe as an oozing remedy
of our life’s changing reality
tones of harmony and dissonance

A slave to nothing
except living to be a better human

Here, at this table
on the porch overlooking a garden

oregano, basil, and cumin are growing
Dream big
Fig orchard picking
dead tired wrote inspiring
passages of the beginning

Ancient history digging
Origins of lyrical spins
written, unwritten
spoken, unheard
motion to the movements of words

Go to church everyday
at the river where children play
Dip in, swimming, floating
praying, hoping, appreciating
all the rivers flow to the ocean
larger pools in connection
The sermon begun with a waterfall
thundering like a drum

Ending Here, at this table
on the porch overlooking a garden

Another Day, where have you been all of my life?

Where have you been all of my life?

She held the answers in her strength of might

long days, even longer nights

Waiting till your next meeting
the sun shines in your eye, the meaning
one spark
in the dark
ignited the fun we have when it’s raining

Early morning training
the birds can’t catch
our worms cooking
coffee ready, words for reading
water for the body
and probably the soul’s thirsty

Got gloves for the garden
Basil and Jalapeno picking
later the grill will be roasting

Sowing seeds into the earth
the price of what’s worth listening to
is measureless
staying charged on the carpet
with targets on focusing the true beauty
to beautifying truth’s ability

words live from the factory
practice is daily routine
like cooking and cleaning
waiting with friends for the evenings
survival concerns are at low levels
since adjusting mental gears

fuel in energy
focuses our paths to manifest an opus
in due diligence of openness

You have always been here
and I only just noticed this

Be Happy

It feels good to be alive
ever better because you give me pride
never hiding from hardworking till you die

Try to test the most high
God Allah will barely bat an eye
to all the people under the sky
true good cannot be commodified
blues in your neighborhood
on the curbside
Ride Bikes
live mics
studious types soothed the trust
of mustering the fight
to type our rights
line by line in the candle light
winning on the small scale
never fails in the larger sight

The best medicine can be written
while the best procedures
can be freestyled in leisure
Pulling levers of clever measures
for an audience through receivers
audio trained visitors
checking the flow like traffic passengers
passages that preferred to be heard
w/ collaborators
as Narrators shift point of view
still waiting for delivery
on shoes
to pay dues, running tracks
attack a plan like a travelers map
the history of survival is to adapt

listen to the memorable
look for the immeasurable
touching the taste of your smelly soul

Well, this place has ceilings of gold
when you come and go
stop by for a rhyme full of the pull
i found in your town
a Time of sound
-Palace of Rhymes
John Tabrizi

open your eyes my child

“Open your eyes my child”, he said
“You always look best because you smile”

ahead of his time
by presetting the watch
find him with his head down
freestyling to open locks
energy in waves he gave, compressed
shocked through messages in mediums
he suggested giving premiums of freedom
to every one willing to listen

When testing the wind bring rhythm
behest your next meeting
the text will include your views too
sleeping is overdue

Depressive blues float away
like a balloon lost on a birthday
who knew it would return
for us to learn it’s mysterious ways

is an emphasis
the tremendous seems measureless

There, in his head
studying the brain and how it is trained to explain
led the kitchen to constantly change ingredients
tweaking speech that begun with listening

some come from different currriculum
Um, maybe poetry over beets
Yum, sounds like a delicacy
continuum’s unending
continuously concerned with continuity
Ancient lies of antiquity
to Mass propaganda in the contemporary
Pro ganga legalizing testimony

one homie told me
some things in moderation
except all things of equality and liberation
instilling the ability to solve equations
is better than being given the letters
the numbers in the physical/material
slumber to the lullabies of high priced lingo
Open your eyes my child
see the wild wind blow