She holds that answer in her eyes,
love can catch you by surprise
live many lives
give many rhymes
so your never empty
when it’s your turn in the turbine

Growing my beard for the urban countryside
Visiting the Alborz mountains
remembering when we used to
eat at the Alborz restaurant in Austin

A Persian who
converted the learning curve of the blues
exerting energy of poetry for muuu-sic
to keep it deep as grave pits
smelly underarms
in the summer of southern country charm
the streets are as busy as the farms

Hard work doesn’t always make ends meet
but we stay charged to never be harmed by defeat

never play games the same way
leap from the fray
Happy Birthday
to my mother Fay (the other day)
anyway, pray with me when I say
“We are blessed to just be here everyday”

hey, its what we feed horses
of course this is with powerful forces
At the heights of the enormously tall
like my roommate Philamungus playing basketball
scaling walls through Parkour
when were bored
recording chords is like a chore
time is something rhythm could afford
next the mixing board
comes the cables
microphone gripped between the thumbs
fables, stories, legends
breath through such similar mechanisms

Patience and dedication may wane
but not the vision
living in decisions
precision to perfect a happening
I hope to see more cyphers gathering
in front of stores there used to be rapping
stacking our evidence
in back packs on the campus of a canvas
tracks for spots around the Atlas
Hip Hop from San Marcos to the South Pacific
Mediterranean to the Caspian
met a cat who could scratch any wax into oblivion

Family acts attract the catch like a mitten
spitting facts in freestyles or written
a daily mission like an operation
incisions into the inner hidden systems of concentration
like juice
the mic in the vocal booth can bring truth
but check out the king on the soap box outside
directing the youth with Hip Hop from the most high


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