Powerful rhymes in their own time

His rhymes are more powerful than air craft carriers
but more honorable than all the messiahs or messengers
earthly creatures find pure features of lectures unadulterated

Upon the registering of adults, time the vaults to be opened
the gates binge and wait for us to take the stakes back

movements emerge in vision of perceptions
wrapped to perfected pitches of a delicatessen
rich handwoven stitching
gifted from generations
is up and lifting like inflation

one of many tribal nations
died from multi national corporations

the rhyme is for
when you are aburrido mi amigo
or when you very excited
finding flows in the river of the most pious
nature preferred us to venture
trustfully as a protector
Watchful of the plants that emerge

Listening does not always mean one is heard
reading is seen as something one does for leisure
my friends bend words much better,
the curb is where the novel was authored

learning in discussions
probable ways to alter
rearrange cycles like turns in a cypher
programming percussion’s
Poetry Slam Champions
reach for their lighters
fire for the teachers that made us writers
grow some flowers in earth
the dirt and sky will do most of the work
for your mother’s birth
for the loss of a lover
that hurts like a boss saying “your fired”
Powerful rhymes for a poetic empire

more determined
to speak freely of wars, bombs,
goings on at this moment,
Is it wrong that we cannot leave a useful comment?

Be strong amongst all the usual vomit in the content
you too may give in to answering in nonsense
if the price is viewed as not so bad for abuse
weighing options looks like an economic phrasing
just a fraction

like the dichotomy of the definition of sanction
To mean approval and punishment,
depending on the contents occasion.
in important governmental equations
that control more than 100 other nations
through military bases and economic cases
powerful rhymes are never wasted
theses are a few that have surfaced

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