we never forgot

we never forgot hip hop
store front lots
exploring the drums drop

always affording to stop.

Got pots cooking with the clock
grew our own crops
chopping skills are on top
props to moms and pops

down the avenues
sounds cruise
in to the blues
previously used
like a fuse
to keep the deep grooves
music as a way to spread news
to include

playing during the interlude
come stay for an afternoon
of a plate of food
praying by saying I am thankful for you
smiles clue to a glued style

while miles traveled brought us to this
trust we must bring justice
where the thirst of helplessness is
drink a verse with a helpful hint of bliss
well, it is too early to tell
but something is amiss

with countless lyrics of counterfeit
this is original
authentic home made vows
to fix the valves
syllabic mathematical
Tricks from poets who never took sabbatical
over instrumentals of potential
the grower of the highs
met the lower of the lows
to show it is wise to compromise

Hip Hop is lost
to the talk of hoes, cash, drugs and rides
mind not cursing at my kids when their outside
intelligence is masked behind macho ignorance of despise
take off the false face and embrace good taste

Kindness is a characteristic we create
try to instill this in to your free will
as if this is what connects your back disks

uncontrollable like the weather
what begun the pull
was your soul holding the lever
all my family and friends are hard workers
they are the reason i write letters
The change in the seasons
is soon to  bring the fall
for our rise to the calling in the hall

and above all, all in all
the writing on the wall
said “live life enthralled”

so the factory takes a pause to reflect
to not forget,
and recall the purpose of the trek
for the possibilities are endless

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